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Re: Infrastructure rebuilding with bonds

If there ""isn't union labor making a toyota"" and it ""IS as expensive"" as a ford or Chevy or others---how do you say it is labor unions causing the high price of the product----if one want's to apply this "cheap labor" to everything our heading for "third world class" will be tremendously  accelerated---paints an ugly picture --- 

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Re: I believe this is what you are referring to

It isn't a surprise to them. They already have scripts in hand to call these vocal opponents negative names, such as mobs or lazy bums.

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Re: I believe this is what you are referring to

I am old enoughg to recall that people marchign and carrying signs changed this nation, more htan one time.  Maybe they can do it again. 


We are experiencing the most disparate distribution of wealth since 1929...we all know what came next. 

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