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Re: Insurance Cuts Hit Most KS and IA Farmers

That is fine -------- cut it all if needed to get that house in order.


I just have one complaint................. now that the government has changed their committment after the signup dates.  Let those who choose opt out of the agreement.

It is what has changed me from being a long time supportive board member of our local county committee to this present state of "functionality critic" on usda.

Since the "supercharging" of EPA with the endangered species act, making it the Overriding power over usda, we have been living under programs based on ideas and watching the regulations and ammendments get written and changed "after our commitment to the contract terms", without the option of change on the producers side of the contract.  Every new employee is going to correct the former employees "mistakes" when they are not mistakes at all, just a look back at the ever changing decrees from on high.