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IoT (Internet of Things)

Hello my name is Alice and I am a student in the third year of Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. I address you through this forum because, being my thesis focused on innovations in the agricultural system, I would like to confront the real issues and direct opinions of those who work, know and build the world of agriculture. Issues that I, speaking in the production system of the subsidiary only in the final stage as a consumer, I could never find in an objective manner without your help.
The theme of my thesis is focused sull'IoT (as indicated by a manufacturer of intelligent systems with which I collaborate) on the farm. What does it mean IoT? The IoT or INternet objects, linking them more objects (via sensors and the Internet) by ensuring that they acquire intelligence allowing them to communicate data or access databases and aggregate information from others. Example: the pot of medicines that will alert you if you forget to take them; sensors that warn you on the phone where you can find parking in the city to avoid traffic and more pollution; objects therefore have an active role. Why this should be of interest to the farming community? This smart approach should meet the internal needs of a company (for improvement, efficiency, integration ..), changing requirements due to the continued evolution of the demand by the consumer or due to the increasing internationalization of the markets. So, you have found the recurrent problems in this area (issues that you may have along the entire production chain from the field until you get to the final consumer, sowing, harvesting, preservation, storage, distribution, timing, problems resulting from weather, insects)? Regardless of the type of agricultural activity carried out, and based on your personal experience, there are processes that need improvement or adjustments in order to save time and money and achieve a greater efficiency?


p.s.:sorry for my bad english

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: IoT (Internet of Things)

I am very skeptical about the security of IoT.  My worry is that unscrupulous or illegal operators will use any informtion they can get for their own purposes, very likely against me.  If a company has access to your yield data, soil tests, topo information, soil types, weather and more, can't they aggregate that information and make decisions you can not make because of your smaller size or narrower perspective?

Sorry, color me skeptical about the benfit of IoT to the little guy.

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Re: IoT (Internet of Things)



I may not fully understand your question.. but I will give it a try..


I am answering from the US perspective..... In Italy the process might be more integrated.

Most of the contributors on this forum are in grain, cattle, or milk production or processing. Items that might be considered "building blocks" or "basics" of the food production process.  Our producers have very little sales direct with the consumer.   At this point the open market system works well to express the "evolution of the demand of the consumer".   But consumer "demand" has become a pretty broad term that can mean the public wants something it is unwilling to pay for.  And finally much of the "demand" of the public is short lived and can take a producer in directions that become expensive mistakes.. we have had numerous examples over the years...white wheat,  pharmacutical corn, 

Most tech monitoring is expensive and much of public demand is based on short term trends ... on the basis of the years it takes to pay for technology.

In the area of processes that need improvement--- our distribution systems need updated,,, both railroad and roadway.  Tech sensors and data can help make decisions but do not rebuild Railroad systems.

Time and savings effeciency,,, we may see even more movement to use technology to replace human labor,, our point of least effeciency..



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