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Re: Iowa Ag-Gag Law Overruled

I see both sides of it, but better or worse I agree with the judges and in the long term, I think it`s better for the agricultural community. Because to "gag" employees, you are handing the issue to Peta on a silver platter, they can then run ads "What are they hiding????"   Even if you stop "legal spies" you still would have reporters for Vice or the Rollingstone go undercover as a worker in a CAFO and write an anonymous story and you could bet that would be sensationalized and cherrypicked. 


Let`s say there`s a factory that abuses the women employees, I would hope none of us would be against a reporter going undercover to write and document the abused ladies stories. 


But with illegal aliens hired, the "DeCoster" outfit really gave industrial agriculture a blackeye.