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Iowa Cash Rental Rate Question

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Okay Iowa Farm Bubbas & Bubbettes, 


A serious (i.e. non political or social save the world) question today. Assuming you are either a renter or owner of Iowa farmland, how useful is the Iowa State Extension Services’s annual “Cash Rental Report” with regard to your negotiating next year’s contracts?


Amateur layman speaking now: It seems to me that by having an impartial 3rd party (i.e. ISU Extension) provide an individual county and quality of dirt breakdown in both rental averages and ranges, the May 2018 survey document is a fair departure point for rental negotiations.


Or, am I missing some other essential variables* in the rental negotiations engagement?


Thanks in advance for your random thoughts.



[* Needless to say, the renters’s character as both a good farmer (prudent steward of the land) and his or her business acumen (pay their rent/bills on time) would certainly be of great importance.]