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Re: Iowa View: State has turned into a 'toilet' for industrial ag



Possibly,  I will research it.  I am not sure how public that transaction will be.


Often there is a managerial guaranteed position to take the officers into retirement at a guaranteed pay grade.  Or a lifetime funded board position.


What intreagues me about the deal is the chinese desire for it.  I been wondering what they gain.  A frozen pound of pork doesn't travel much cheaper than the 4-5 lbs of grain it takes to grow it.  Strictly a guess from me and no knowledge in this one but I have been wondering if management and structure are not appealing to them.  They are trying to move into a "contoled" free economy.  Does buying into this help them import management knowledge and expertise, as well as advanced technique, and probably a new and different genetic pool?  Does this give them a stronger position to export?

One thing keeps popping into my head.  ----We have the genetics, management, and industrial expertise----but.    They have the workforce.  Are they buying production or are they buying a market?


Jim back to this article  ---- For several years I have been giving the general public the "ignorance" excuse.  But I think we have been sucking on the political sespool long enough to have lost moral character.  I think the comments on the article are well aware of the missleading lies presented.  I think that many of us just know that if we keep repeating those lies long enough there will be a public "guilt" to feed off of.  We know what we are doing.  We think this caddy is headed off the cliff and we are stealing the seat covers on the way.

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Re: Iowa View: State has turned into a 'toilet' for industrial ag

SW  stock options can vary for different divisions of a company - if you want to do a discovery look at the consolidation or buy out of Southern Pacific  - Union Pacific and examine the stock options of the owners - family members of SP - interesting reading especially for the tax liability --- interesting also that the word sespool being mentioned when mont. wells next to me have elevated readings of 100ppm n - some thing is not working ? 

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