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Is Ag Data In Your Farm Lease?

Does your farm lease, as landlord or tenant, require the tenant to provide the landlord with information such as yields, fertilizer applied, seed count, variety, herbicides use and so forth? You know that crop input suppliers and crop scouts are gleaning increasing amounts of data from the land. This information might help the tenant and landlord set an equitable rent. The landlord could use the information to help in establishing a sale price. The landlord might even need the information to defend against a nuisance suit or EPA action if accused of permitting pollution. I've heard stories that such information is increasingly being required in leases. Have you heard of this or do you have any experience in such leases? What do you think of them? I guess as a landlord I like the idea. As a tenant, it would be one more thing to do.
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Re: Is Ag Data In Your Farm Lease?

I read a new lease today that included reporting data.

First one I have seen on a cash lease.


Timely coincidence Jim...

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Re: Is Ag Data In Your Farm Lease?

I have some pretty in depth leases, but none that require data.
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Re: Is Ag Data In Your Farm Lease?

Ours all a family operation but the partnership lease does say when soil samples must be taken and results available to all partners upon request. Also states all environmental laws must be followed. Thats kinda the same.

My farm lease, the hand shake has never been put on paper. Probably should one day!
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