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Re: Is Illinois Farm Land Still A Buy?/FAUST-HOW ARE THINGS LOOKING SOUTH OF I-80????

Thanks for the update on south of I-80 in Iowa. We may try to plant this weekend if the field conditions allow us. We are pretty heavily drain tiled up here and that should help. Wish I had a dollar for every foot of drain tiling I have put on my farms since 1986, I would be a very wealthy guy!!!!!!!! They say the rule is that you lose 1 bushel of corn for everyday that you plant after the May 10 to 16 time period, so it should be an interesting year. There is also a 400 acre Farmland Auction tomorrow in Northern Iowa, the 4 tracts have a combined CSR Rating in the middle 70's so it will be interesting to see the results of what the 4 tracts go for. Will try and post the Auction results for you..

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