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It's not been a good year

Hello to those that read this.  I'm setting here reviewing things while listening to hurricane coverage on the tv, and catching up 

on stuff here on the laptop.


It's not been a good year for agriculture.....First the wheat crop in the plains was not good, dryness in ok, tx and parts of

ks, then a blizzard that struck late in the western ks, eastern co, causing death loss of cattle....decrease in wheat yields.

Then the wildfires in the tx and ok panhandles and sw and southern ks.......cattle losses, and loss of fence.....

Now hurricanes, in Texas and next door Florida and areas to the west.......and hurricane season is

not even close to being over.  Again farmers down there, maybe not wheat or corn fields, but other types of agriculture,

just as important.


Now factor this in with low commodity prices, and high input costs.........


and in this area we are DRY......cracks in the ground, no meaningful rain for weeks on end, and nothing in the future

forecast, and even if there was, little if any hope to make a change in things.


so....what am I trying to say........I guess I don't know.......other than things are not good, despite how the politics and ag media

spin it.



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