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KFB and Health Insurance

This article seems to give a balanced account of the Kansas Farm Bureau and other states struggle with health insurance.


It's the same old thing.  To keep premiums down, the solution is to exclude those who need health care the most - pregnant, pre-existing condition, etc.


On the other hand, since health care is one of the biggest expenses (one person cited reports $24,000 per year) those struggling with the farm finance are desperate for some relief and cheaper premiums are one of their solutions.


Do you owe some crippled, 58 year old farmer or 5-year old with cancer cheap health support at the expense of your family? 


Is your way-of-life, your family farm, so important that you should be exempted from paying "your share" of health premiums so the old farmer or young cancer patient can't get the best treatment?


It's the same old story, and it won't be decided in these forums.  It's about what we want and what we're willing or able to pay for it, and it is about more than health insurance, that's just the one that is in our face all the time.