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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

I looked at the hog wash article you quoted.
Stop crying me a I said in another posting,
If you are healthy and young....plans are already
Available (as I said Dave Ramsey website)
The average ks farmer is in his mid to late
So, why are we so up in the air about some people
In their 20's or 30',s ????

What about those of us that are begging to at least
Have coverage ????

I know that bunch of bozos...we tried to talk to group talked to several insurance
Company's, actuarial company's, benefits department, labor
Department...we worked out idea....wouldn't
Even talk to us....
Yet...put in a plan that cherry picks people, will
Upset the entire market and risk structure....only
For their "brokerage" division makes money...
And will not be required to meet standard like
Every other insurance company in the state !!!
No regulations... No requirement
To be financially every other
Company in the state.