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KFB and Health Insurance

This article seems to give a balanced account of the Kansas Farm Bureau and other states struggle with health insurance.


It's the same old thing.  To keep premiums down, the solution is to exclude those who need health care the most - pregnant, pre-existing condition, etc.


On the other hand, since health care is one of the biggest expenses (one person cited reports $24,000 per year) those struggling with the farm finance are desperate for some relief and cheaper premiums are one of their solutions.


Do you owe some crippled, 58 year old farmer or 5-year old with cancer cheap health support at the expense of your family? 


Is your way-of-life, your family farm, so important that you should be exempted from paying "your share" of health premiums so the old farmer or young cancer patient can't get the best treatment?


It's the same old story, and it won't be decided in these forums.  It's about what we want and what we're willing or able to pay for it, and it is about more than health insurance, that's just the one that is in our face all the time.



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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

Those 58 year old men pay their premiums too,
And our crop input costs are no cheaper than
Young people.
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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

I looked at the hog wash article you quoted.
Stop crying me a I said in another posting,
If you are healthy and young....plans are already
Available (as I said Dave Ramsey website)
The average ks farmer is in his mid to late
So, why are we so up in the air about some people
In their 20's or 30',s ????

What about those of us that are begging to at least
Have coverage ????

I know that bunch of bozos...we tried to talk to group talked to several insurance
Company's, actuarial company's, benefits department, labor
Department...we worked out idea....wouldn't
Even talk to us....
Yet...put in a plan that cherry picks people, will
Upset the entire market and risk structure....only
For their "brokerage" division makes money...
And will not be required to meet standard like
Every other insurance company in the state !!!
No regulations... No requirement
To be financially every other
Company in the state.

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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

Folks  -  Why  would  anyone  on  Medicare  even   have  an  voice  -  opinion  in  any  of  the  discussion  - ? 


Does  Medicare  charge  extra,  if  you  have  a  pre-existing,  -  ?


I  don't  see  any  '' private  outfit ''  entering  the  over  65,  EXCEPT  the  part  B  -  Z ,  So  where  are  those  FREE  MARKETer'S   to  privatiZe  Medicare -  ?


Offering   Fed  Crop Ins.( gov. supported )  seems  a  bit  ironic  for  those  FREE  Enter-prizer's  doesn't  it  - ? 


Ask   YOUR  CONGRESS  rep  about  their  plan  -  ?   

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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

Expand your post and tell us why you think congress does offer low priced crop insurance, without any acreage limits.

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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

If you have a farm that has too many years of crop insurance claims, your future coverage is reduced and eventually they drop you....that`s basically "denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions".   The government only subsidizes crop insurance at the 65% level (which is worthless in most cases) to get coverage to mean anything you have to bump up your coverage to 85% that is expensive and comes ALL OUT OF YOUR POCKET.  That would be like a health insurance company saying "We`ll pay for treating your common cold, but if you get cancer and want coverage that will be extra...much extra".  


It the past the government picked up half of your 65% coverage and then it was cut to government paying 40% of the premium, the the haters then said "How do you like your president now that he cut your crop insurance??? huh huh?? how do you like him now???" Answer is we love him more than ever, he keeps his promises and a extra $1.17/acre more we have to pay in premiums...big whoop. 

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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

BA -- "If you have a farm that has too many years of crop insurance claims, your future coverage is reduced and eventually they drop you....that`s basically "denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions". 


I don't know about that comparison.  I think MPCI only drops you if you don't pay your share of your premiums, or if you're convicted of certain types of federal crimes.  As for years of claims causing your future coverage to be reduced, that part is true because yield losses reduce the average yield upon which the guarantee is based, within stated limits (there are average yield cups and caps, and I think there is also a minimum yield, and modifications available for yield trends, leaving out a bad year, etc). 


An alternative would be to base the insurance yield guarantee on some national, state or county average yield, then if you have losses relative to that yield average, your future premium rises to reflect your risk of yields lower than that average, based on actual experience.  This latter approach is more akin to how insurance works in areas other than crop insurance.  


The problem is, if you set the yield guarantee bar too low, the 50% of production that is above the average becomes much less likely to participate in the program (because much of this above-average production is from farms that typically produce above-average), thus reducing the pool of funds relied on by the other 50% of production that is below the average and more likely to collect in any given year -- UNLESS participation is required.  Sound familiar?


But to be clear -- I am not in favor of national health care (similar to VA); however, and primarily because of the issues surrounding pre-existing conditions, and disparities among states and rural areas for both insurance and care offerings/availability, I do believe it is time to provide a national health insurance (similar to Medicare) that is available to every citizen.  And, as they do now, health insurance companies can offer supplemental plans, etc.  Then, if a reliable and affordable basic health insurance policy is available to everyone regardless of their location or employment status or employer, there would also be greater participation from those currently relying on their employer for health insurance, thus further increasing the pool of insureds to average out the risk.  What we need is larger and fewer risk pools to spread the risk and cost, not more small risk pools that exclude people and coverages to minimize the risk and maximize insurance company profits.


The crazy high costs reportedly associated with  "Medicare for All" assume that such a program would be administered as either National Health Care (like the VA), or that it would be administered under the same terms (premium structure) as Medicare (for seniors).  Neither of these assumptions are necessarily true, just how the debate has evolved.  Still, if I had to choose between "VA for All" or "Medicare for All", I'd pick the latter as the least government intrusive, less costly, of those two.


The debate about health care needs to split the discussion and separate the issues of CARE and INSURANCE.  The big health care companies and health insurance companies work hard to confuse the discussion because their profits are so huge, and their business-interests intertwined.  Yes, they are clearly related issues, but they are separate -- receiving appropriate care and paying for it.  Your auto repairman is not your banker, your home insurance company does not actually repair your roof, etc.

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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

And   Medicare   crowd,  where  are  the  Gov.  Health  Care  Haters -  ?   

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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

Yes, if you have pattern tiled, 95 CSR ground, +200bu APH  you probably wonder why you write checks in premiums every year and not get anything in return.   Kind of like a single, 20yr old marathon runner with low cholesterol, low blood pressure feels that he`s paying for insurance he doesn`t need and the system is balancing their books on his back.   But the 20yr old marathon runner can get hit by a Mack truck one day and the ice cream soil farmer could have a harsh weather system park itself over his farm....hail happens. 


I know people don`t have sympathy for the insurance industry, but you look at the insurance hubs like Des Moines and Hartford Connecticut, there are a lot of high paid employees that would be out of work if we go to socialized medicine...I mean Des Moines would literally dry up and blow away ...and some will say "good riddance!" .   But whether they realize it or not, it may very well be a case of instead of spending $10,000 a year in family health insurance (that comes out of their salary, painlessly) all of a sudden their income tax bill will be $15,000 higher, because like toilet seats and hammers, everything the government touches goes crazy high. 


But hear me now and believe me later everybody, the problem with private insurance, Obamacare, Medicare and the proposed socialized medicine that a couple on here are licking their chops in anticipation of ....none of it ADDRESSES THE HIGH COST OF MEDICAL CARE.  All any kind of "insurance reform" does is cost shift, rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.  Some that favor the reforms think they`re slick enough to fly under the radar and somehow have a 0$ healthcare cost in the minutia.  


I`ll just leave it with, there are no free lunches and if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

ALL  Those   EXPERT$  in  Des  Moines   can't  figure  the  co$t  analysis  out ,  my  ,  my   -  ? 


Paying  too  much  is  mighty  fine,  a - ok ,  until  I can't  pay,  then  blame  ah  Obama , - ?  


BETTER,   CHEAPER,   EVERYONE ,   seems  to  be  a  statement  from  whom  -  ?   


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