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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

If you have a farm that has too many years of crop insurance claims, your future coverage is reduced and eventually they drop you....that`s basically "denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions".   The government only subsidizes crop insurance at the 65% level (which is worthless in most cases) to get coverage to mean anything you have to bump up your coverage to 85% that is expensive and comes ALL OUT OF YOUR POCKET.  That would be like a health insurance company saying "We`ll pay for treating your common cold, but if you get cancer and want coverage that will be extra...much extra".  


It the past the government picked up half of your 65% coverage and then it was cut to government paying 40% of the premium, the the haters then said "How do you like your president now that he cut your crop insurance??? huh huh?? how do you like him now???" Answer is we love him more than ever, he keeps his promises and a extra $1.17/acre more we have to pay in premiums...big whoop.