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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

I`ll say again, no one has lower medical costs, when Obamacare first came in they were hemming & hawing about hardup clowns not going to the emergency room for care if they had regular health insurance and having "death panels" to send 70yr old granny home with a pain pill instead of a new hip, but there hasn`t been much bragging of those cost saving of late. 


Republicans talk about "tort reform" so that if a doctor makes a small mistake while operating on a bum with a lifetime of bad decisions that they can`t be sued into bankruptcy without expensive malpractice insurance.  Seems to me a doctor is doing the best he or she can, but we have to be practical and recognize that they are human and mistakes happen.  Bums with a lifetime of bad decisions shouldn`t hit the lotto jackpot in court if that poor doctor leaves a small sponge in their sinful carcass.  


Some individuals do practice their own form of "death panels" by saying they won`t go through radiation and chemo for cancer treatments, they pay out of their own pocket for alternative treatments in Mexico.  But all these Taj Mahal hospitals with whiz bang instruments and labs that do endless expensive and un-needed test to pay for the Taj Mahal, that`s where a lot of the waste comes.  There used to be a actual hospital in every town of over 2,000 population and healthcare was affordable, some didn`t need health insurance, if you could afford a $10,000 bill that hospital and doctor could remodel you to all that was humanly some of these insurance policies have a catastrophic deductable of $10,000 on a bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


Commercials of drugs litter the airwaves and the side effects are more numerous that what they supposedly cure and you better hope your insurance covers the cost. 


But we all clap our hands together like trained seals about keeping our kids on our policy until they`re 26 and "pre-existing conditions"  (the hail is pouring down on your machine shed roof and you`re trying to quickly talk your crop insuranceman into giving you hail coverage....see how that works).   But all those perks COST MONEY.  But yeah, while we`re giving everything away, let`s forgive student loans too and wonder why the US deficit is over $1 trillion.   I shoulda talked the kids into going to Harvard, being as it`s going to be free.  Smiley Happy