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Re: KFB and Health Insurance

Trump is the only POTUS that has brought the problem of illegal aliens to the forefront.   There are areas where illegals have bankrupted hospitals, the medical system can only eat so many bills and pass them on to other healthcare customers before it breaks them.   See, that "cheap labor" isn`t so cheap when you figure ALL THE COSTS that businesses pass on to taxpayers and healthcare consumers. 


There`s actually more job openings for blue collar workers than there are applicants, which will hopefully increase wages enabling more in the insurance pool to pay their way, which should lower costs. When someone can`t pay their hospital bill, it gets amortized onto the rest of us. 


We`d see much lower cost care if everyone that walked through the clinic door paid their bill when they left, be it through their insurance or out of their pocket.  It`s like shoplifters at Walmart, Walmart has to charge everyone more to make up for items that are stolen.