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Re: Kansas Farm Bureau throws dues paying members under the bus

I am totally disgusted with it....just what about
Those of us, members for years....that pay our
Money for dues...that paid to formulate this
Hog manure....yet you have a pre-existing condition
You are out....they say they are for the farmers...
What about those of us that are...and you take
Our money ??? Did you note arthritis is pre-existing
How about diabetes....others....even being pregnant !!!

Please, do not play that song to me that it will
Save them money...if there is nothing wrong, they
Can easily get low cost insurance....go to Dave
Ramsey website, it will lead to an agency that
Will show you the price.

You say it's wonder...hope it spreads....

So what about me ??? Go to hell ???

Hope to meet you there.