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Re: Kansas Farm Bureau throws dues paying members under the bus

Ok kids here are the numbers...and the facts

The ks dept of ag says average age of farmer
Is 58.2 years (not mean or mode)

Now said no pre-existing conditions...nor
Cronic disease, and would be rated

Ok...let's look at the health data of people of
That age group (assuming the average Kansas
Farmer IS their target group)

2 out of 3 adults over 60 have high BP (aha)
Opps..your out

Adults over 50, the number of diabetics can double
Opps your out

Ages 40 to 59 are 5 times more likely to have
Heart disease compared to 20-39 year olds
Opps your out

41% of adults 40 to 59 are obese (Endo assn)
Opps.. your out

37% of people over 45 have osteoarthritis (AAA)
Opps...your out

Half of women over 50 and 25% of men have
Osteoporosis (AAA)
Opps...out again

Your odds of cancer double between 45 and 54
Opps...your out again

5 to 7 % of 40 to 59 year olds have depression
Opps...out again

18% of 40 to 59 have hearing loss
Opps.... You get a graded policy

According to 2017 data
238,000 uninsured in ks
87,000 enrolled via the exchange
13,000 insured off exchange (direct to company)

Look at

Notice, where the uninsured are...

Could it be due to undocumented people ?

So....just who is the target audience ?

Facts show, many average farmers will not
Be eligible for coverage...also the numbers
Do not add up.. and in the area the largest
Uninsured are in the SW, where there could be
Significant undocumented....also the KC and
Wichita metro areas (alot of farmers).

As my grandpa said..some liers figure, but figures
Don't lie.

So...if the shoe fits.wear it

The question is... Just who do they want to sign
Up ??? The young and we'll, and the carrier will
Make good money... And a friend of mine in
A insurance Co in the state is shaking his
Head...they are not required to get re-insurance.
He said he knows no other company in the state
That does not have he said, you are a fool
If you dont