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Re: Kansas Town Says, "No Thanks, Tyson"

I thought Chicken kill lines were all automated....... Can't be too many jobs on the kill line.......


Hope they move out west..... Our climate is a little tough on chicken wranglers but we could use the jobs..... and the commerce,,,, and the kids in schools.... 


Not sure the commissioner should have quit.   How many years are we gonna watch poor communities with declining tax bases turn down industry with jobs.


On top of that, often those are agriculture industry jobs that want to be in agriculture based communities........... We get what we deserve.


Tonganoxie may be close enough to Kansas City to be comfortable as a "bedroom" community serving a bigger cities economy.... but that is poor community management.


Without an industrial tax base and some local jobs identity will disappear in the tail lights every morning.


Hutchinson, Garden City, Emporia, Olathe....... are not declining communities, they are some of the few growing and progressing communities in Kansas.  Tyson's presence has not hurt them, just the opposite.   But articles like this one in the Topeka Capital Journal just play the corporate "hate" game and destroy the self worth of those who choose to work for this or any large agriculture based company.  If your in tonganoxie and need a job, move.  Your neighbors are against you.


--------"Their comments included objections to stench from waste, inequity of tax breaks, water and soil pollution, investment in low-skill jobs, flaws of confinement chicken practices, workplace safety issues and conflicts of interest among local government officials."   on and on and on....   It is just garbage journalism making stars out of whiners who would be opposed to most everything......... but most of all opposed to things they read in the paper......."like the killing of defensless animals" ....... while they order dinner from KFC.


Even us independent cusses on this discussion board........... will play the "kill floor" card to prevent 1600 jobs from moving any new "people" to town for those "low skill" jobs...and they got kids ya know.......we all gotta dig up dollars to educate them low life...............  It is solid stupid.....on our part.  Garden city has ethanol, a hub of wind generator distribution, box factory, several trucking firms, Several truck and trailer dealers that supply the whole SW ks with good used trucks and amazing service.  The fastest growing shopping community in W Ks.  The only growing airport hub in western Ks...........................Went from 18000 residents to the current 35-38000.  All after embrasing the food processing

industry.           butttttt..  It is not worth reading SF or this site to just keep reading the same drivel.    I will tell you why I react to this subject.


I have an old friend who struggles but is a gifted metal smith, a great welder on nearly everything and every metal.  I have listened to him feel sorry for his wife and her low life job working at National Beef.... "Wish she didn't have to work there."..... etc etc etc.     A month ago me and mine spent evenings picking and packaging sweet corn for friends, neighbors, and special business "associates".  I had a nice sack for M. and her husband B.  Saturday, and The plant she works in is in my town.  She has a 35 mile drive home, so I called the plant and asked for M. C.  Voice on the phone says you got the wrong area, hold on.  5 minutes later M's voice came on and I told her to come by and get the present.

Call went back to the offices and I asked about M. and apologized for taking her away from work............ I got "filled in" on what M. does in that low life job.  She manages the cold storage warehouse and uses computer bar coding to build and sort loads for shipping.  I was invited and drove down to see for myself.  It is an effecient and interesting technically enhanced process that even designs the order of pallets on trucks for even weight distribution.  The loads are coded to the needs of the destination and the order they desire it unloaded.  She and her cohorts close the doors on a load headed to almost any state in the union every few minutes.  There were at least 8 being loaded at once when I was there.

She has been doing this job for 8 years and when she describes it you can tell she enjoys it.  But publicly she wishes she didn't have to work there....... It was a fascinating job I would be proud to do, but probably couldn't do as well as she does. 

She believes that everyone else believes what they read in the press,  that it is a low life job, so she says she  "wishes she didn't have to work there"   But for a few minutes observing I saw a little gal who was proud of her work and well aware that she was good at it.  Just as good as the office personnel secretary said.

It is too bad we try so hard to make people feel bad about working.


just another anti american rant.

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