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Kansas- impact of recent cold wx on wheat

I hope this link works from the e-update.  someday someone is going to have to teach me how to make like other than writing them down

then typing them in.


one thing I will disagree with them on, is the snow cover.  much of the snow was gone by the time the cold wx got here.  I was out a couple

of days before the cold wx hit looking around, and the snow was just not where near what ksu was saying


does not look good for us in nck




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Re: Kansas- impact of recent cold wx on wheat



I agree it doesn't look too good, but it seems one can't tell till green-up.  If the stand in unacceptable, do you reseed or plant something else or what?


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I hope I explained that right.  It's simple once you do it.  Maybe others can read and correct the instructions.

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Re: Kansas- impact of recent cold wx on wheat

In my area, the wheat is up, but a fair percentage of fields are spotty.  Usually by this time we've had some snow cover to melt down and germinate the seeds still in the ground.  By the end of February, if these spots aren't germinated, a lot of fields are going to be sub-par in stands and potential yield.  Cracks in the ground are a sign of the moisture availability.  My wheat is all no-till, and 95% or better are emerged and dormant.  We will see how much is alive in 45 days.



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Re: Kansas- impact of recent cold wx on wheat

Here south of any snow we have a decent stand that has been green all winter...  

No moisture since September.....  If we warm up for a week without snow or rain it will die within 2 weeks...


We are that dry...... 


And if we go into late Feb. or March winds this dry we will be set up for another mess.

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