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Keep the younger chins up....



I know you read and comment less often that any time since 2011....... and we have been way to kind to this publication as it continues to pidgin hole its readers into a uneducated version of a Norman Rockwell painting.  So we should leave farm policy to our educated bar maids from the big cities, and stay on a tighter defined list of of responses that are clearly defined for us. 

I continue to think this publication is now driven by ads and has no ties to agriculture at all...... the same folks who do the weekend yard sale adds and garrage sale notices.    But philosphically,  what is up with the "horible POTUS china trade talks are the root of all evil" from quoted gurus on Marketing, and then a slap to contributers for simply "going there"???   Is the ownership here intending to change the conservative leaning midwest with this little publication?  Or just taking vengeance on a few deplorable that might have voted against the slimy little angel with the magical Foundation ??


Anyway I am done wasting time contributing here... Most producers I know and see working in our area have better marketing resources "in house" than what is talked about here,,, now that we have lost our seasonality and storage/freight premium how does planned hedging from a quotable "insider" really work..... and out here in the field --associations with end user community abound.... from investment positions to shared production planning or shared facility use.  Another thing you do in tough years ... make associations... Marketing is information -- direct if possible.  We should be talking tech marketing and apps to end users......not how to do it like grandpa did.  It is like going to chicago for marketing information ... our Stone account is handled out of the KC office and the info there is great.  We work directly with two regional grain broakers that compete for grain in the area based in KC and Amarllo.

These folks know where and who has storage and can help you find a competitive bid.  Just get to know them.  They are directing trucks throughout your area daily.  There are no special coop speakers who have answers to the new world futures based marketing plan.  God knows usda hasn't got a clue what China has on storage..... they only repeat what the chinese traders plan is.  We sold our system for a fast buck.