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Re: Keep the younger chins up....

SW, I would say keep contributing, you have no idea who or how many you affect by sharing your thoughts.  Many that view are too lazy to engage in a discussion if they disagree.  Some run on emotion and one thing about the written word logic translates better than emotion.  Smiley Happy  



But there`s a cat affectionately called "numbers" on the other site that doesn`t like the current administration and is a cheerleader for a depression just to justify his political views.  There are some "here" that I see are being clever flying under Ishmael`s radar with a harmless "USDA link" they want rural America in the gutter and then kick us for our 2016 votes "$3 beans, Dow index down 40% har har har! Had enough yet???" ...none of those things happened but just to reverse the 2016 election it would sure be worth in in their minds. 


Typing about our experiences is therapeutic and sometimes rehashing it in the written page helps you interpret it better....until Ishmael deletes it  Smiley Very Happy    


But with marketing, the really smart people aren`t sharing, no one understands the Jerry Gulkies, but grandpa just keeps going ...there is something to being a raise it, bin it, sell it farmer you know.   A crop in the field, a crop in the bin and a crop in the bank.  But a BTO would take a grandpa warchest and parlay that into a operation 10 times larger.  Those of us in the cheap seats can only watch Sue on Market to Market one week and get bullish and the next week Darrin Newsome let`s the air out of our ballons.