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Re: Keep the younger chins up....

Good Post , Sw. I have addressed what has transpired on this website in other posts, and agree with most of  your observations. Someone is trying to provide "leadership" here , and not recognizing the mood and political leanings of the majority of farmers and businessmen...excuse people.


It can get depressing not knowing what the future is. Back in college, I was required to read a book by a Nigerian author named Chinua Achebe. The book was "Things Fall Apart" and detailed the turmoil caused by the colonial takeover, as religion, social status, economic livliehoods, etc were all dismantled.


A lot of that could happen here in the USA if the communist powers are successful. Many institutions that were formerly good are now imbedded with communists that would make the red scare of the 50's seem like a picnic. We basically elected a communist to the highest office of America in 2008. Trump was an unlikely antidote and his election is still being fought...parties daily try to invalidate the results of 2016, and the owners of this website obviously were not pleased either. 


This is extremely Un-American and profoundly disturbing . There are plenty of other websites to post on SW, a good one is New Ag Talk, and another is I enjoy your posts and hope to continue to see them somewhere.