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Re: Keep the younger chins up....

Sorry for getting to the party late.
SW...I personally hope you do not ride off
Into that electronic sunset in the west.
I always enjoy, and usually learn from your
Posts. You are in a select, small group, that
When something is said, I don't have to fact
Your years of being in the wind of Western Kansas
Has helped sharpened your wisdom and wit.
You are not afraid to "tell it like it is"
You have become a success in your own right.
It is too bad that the editors here haven't understood
That... But since you are not buying add space,
Perhaps that is the key factor.
You have tried many times, pointing to a profitable
Direction....only problem is, it was not n'sync with
The "industrial agriculture industry".
Just for fun, you might research this fine publications
Group...who when where to school...who were
School mates, and who provided funds.

You will then see the whole picture.

SW....I hope you don't go....but if you do...don't
Walk away mad.