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Re: Keep the younger chins up....



thank you for taking time to comment.... Your perfect for making a point.  That is .......... know your people!!!!  And your Subject!!!   Especially if your getting some income from it.


For clarity, I spent a couple hours categorizing and sorting information........and soul searching...... I am still pretty busy and my "top of the head" thinking is not as sharp these days... when it is closet cleaning and time spent evaluation time..............well, much of what I gained from for so long is not here.

But there are a few things I wanted to be sure of.......

 I categorized all 66+ entries of ISHMEAL the nanny.   In the process It sets up a timeline.... that directs to 4 or 5 interesting points...(I really wanted to define whether my thoughts were valid)  


About half of those entries fall early starting in May of 2014,  being helpful and starting the "on topic" phase by moving entries and passing judgement on topics. .... seemed helpful in a disconnected way...  BA, hobby, brucemn, sw,cheapo, nox, gio and a few more all had entries moved for "subjectivity".  But one day Luis had an entry moved and I found that disturbing.  Luis our South American contact Mike had delivered, was so important that he deserved a thread of his own.  What has been a bigger story than the exploitation of Brazils resources the last 30 years?  And we all had questions and read when his name appeared,  yet fishmeal had no concept of Luis.

But there is a date that in spring of 2016 there big changes came, new rules, harder policing, ironically beginning with a Memorial day shake down of Shaggy--of all people for being off topic on the marketing page....(how much grain gets marketed on Memorial day?? and why pick on the guy.... no foul language there)  It became obvious over the next 6 weeks.... new decrees of conduct, foul language became "political", "improper", then "personal attacks".  entries were censored not just moved, but cut from existence,  whole threads dissappeared, forums were stopped, browsers became problematic, access was limited to google products............ shaggy, Jess Scott, ecin, bruce, mizzouT were all confronted directly and lost.

Out of that group Marketing lost some of our most interesting posters.(a direct connection to Purdue research, a chart trend inspirer, etc etc...............After the election fishmeal seemed to find some calm and the system suddenly functioned much better though quieter.   Although my nanny trap cartoon got immediate teeth marks.

Point is the election was more important to fishmeal than the content on the forums.


2.  There is 2 fishmeal entries in march and May of 2017 after a cool off period, that we all need to look at....... March was the famous "Stick a fork in it" thread in Marketing entered by Jenny..... remember Jenny.. a pilot, weather expert, lots of farm experience. loved agriculture,  had good things to add, I felt like i knew her from several angles.   Ishmeal entered a long detailed discussion of forums and proper content to Jenny.

I do not think the intent was even thought about,,,, but................ jenny had closed her farm business and retired, had struggled with the decision and its causes and effects.     In that one post and without these words ishmeal effectively told Jenny that the open forum was her only point of proper participation on  Without a crop to sell she can't market, without business decisions to make , without crop planting decisions.......... without livestock,   without real decisions and  etc etc etc.   Maybe ishmeal's idea of success is the profitability of SF advertisers...... rather than a long time contributors perception.  I thought Jenny was a great contributor on business and marketing.... I never looked to her for public policy advice, but that doesn't limit her value.....

the second came in May 2017 when BA was leading a discussion of health insurance choices in Business forum.  A process that nearly every farm dining room table has gone through in the last 6 years.  It is worth reviewing.......... I would like to remind ishmeal that this subject has always been a major topic in farm business.... Politicians made it political   in this read ishmeal's head was on politics and totally disconnected with the real problems being discussed.  Did not chop it with her ax and walked away....... but rereading it I come away wondering if ishmeal's purpose all along was not to diminish politics in the forums (and discourse) or just to direct it in a preplanned way.... ....... In spite of claims..... evidence for the health of discussion on the forums being the main goal just isn't there.   

I hope the participation numbers are hurting the advertising revenue.  Revenue from the advice of your marketing "sources" and "plans" isn't doing that well either.


Other than those few months of political agitation I appreciate some assistance I got from fishmeal and in february of 2017 enjoyed sharing a small bit of humor with it.  I'd rather have some friends back.  Friends that I could share freedom of expression with and shared respect for our differences including Jenny


Can any of us imagine 1929 and being advised to ignore the stock market crash to stay on subject of ag marketing and ag. business?  Or being limited to only blaming woodrow wilson for our problems and not allowed to talk about Russian grain trade?.  If my publication were acting on those lines, I would be looking for a new place to practice my talents.


Do not make the worst mistake of all.......... as Fishmeal did in that March entry........... do not blame agriculture for your SF public relations issues....   Spend at least a few moments and try to figure out which way agriculture went.  The changes in Ag. are massive and as quick as the new technology can go, alive and well but maybe not your agriculture or usda's agriculture.............. We just saw the most interesting election cycle since the civil war for our "beloved" country.  Most of the history teachers in the world are studying it, will we learn anything from it?  Agriculture is flying through big changes as well....... Do we even care? 


But most of all............there are thousands of topics we ignore....... Jim tries, but his back yard is a little small.

We don't even try to address the tough issues. on SF.    Like an in-depth study of labor issues in agriculture.  Or do a bit of research, what % of grain production in the world is produced by employees compared to independent family farms??   Has the optimum farm model changed with technology?   Missinformation  maybe??  What is the best way for a young person to get into agriculture in the US..... ??  

Branding?? (image)


Politics..............what fishmeal practices is politics, pure politics....picking what is offensive and allowed.  (I have not typed an f on fishmeal yet in this. I hope it offends enough to fix and stop treating contributors so poorly. 


I am probably the most radical oddball on SF contributor list..... a libertarian leaning dust bowler who will vote for anybody and always votes.  I have enjoyed the SF community and gained several good friends from the upper corn belt.  Outside of an unknown entity claiming to be from Australia, I have not been offended by anyone, I have appreciated each contact.   I doubt usda's accuracy because there is no mechanism for verification except "change history"--illegal in my opinion.  I have to reread, but I know that farming was a vital business way before usda was thought of.  Usda was created to serve agriculture. not the other way around.  Beyond that I appreciate the kindness and discussion we have shared.  I hope SF discovers some leadership and then gives it the freedom to encourage and challenge the forums.  Because the Iowa I see visiting is not represented well here.



let it go........................I been wrong before.





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Re: Keep the younger chins up....

SW  -  I  see  your  points,  well  taken,  and  history  will  tell  us  sooner  or  later,  as  for  markets,  who  knows  as  preventive  planting  draws  nearer ,  and  history  tells  us  one  person  was  right  2000 +  years  ago  -  -   - 


All  the  while  my  humble  brother - in - law ( Vietnam Vet ) ( double  Purple  Heart )  tells  me  in  a  few  days ,  another  crisis  will  arise,   naturally  or  man  made -  and  there  will  a  price  to  be  paid  -  -  - 



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Re: Keep the younger chins up....

Sorry for getting to the party late.
SW...I personally hope you do not ride off
Into that electronic sunset in the west.
I always enjoy, and usually learn from your
Posts. You are in a select, small group, that
When something is said, I don't have to fact
Your years of being in the wind of Western Kansas
Has helped sharpened your wisdom and wit.
You are not afraid to "tell it like it is"
You have become a success in your own right.
It is too bad that the editors here haven't understood
That... But since you are not buying add space,
Perhaps that is the key factor.
You have tried many times, pointing to a profitable
Direction....only problem is, it was not n'sync with
The "industrial agriculture industry".
Just for fun, you might research this fine publications
Group...who when where to school...who were
School mates, and who provided funds.

You will then see the whole picture.

SW....I hope you don't go....but if you do...don't
Walk away mad.

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