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Kids this is a game changer

The state of California is more than likely going
To add glyphps to the "known to cause cancer
This is a big deal since it is referenced in many
Other states, and safety issues.
Also some countries also reference this.
I believe in CA they have to cert school foods to
Be free, what do you do when you test, and they
Will, to have RR gene ? The big food and rest chains will require

gmo free products, since it could have had glyphos used on it.

Face it people, once that happens, there is no way you can argue

with it, you will never win.  How do you, dressed in a pair of overalls

with a baseball cap on, tell the mothers of the nation..."it ain't hurt

me, see"  "it's 100% safe (at least that is what they told us" will

loose every time, since the california list is respected.  If an agency says

it "could" cause cancer, how do you stand there and tell people to keep

consuming it.

the odd thing, where is monsanto in all this ??  have you seen an all out fight,

with mounds and mounds of data to show the opposite ???

I know of several people that have been poisioned by glyphos.  Most have been

neuro symptoms, but hey they are not done say oh now, i'm a secret agent

for greenpeace.......ah they drew blood, sent it away for testing, come back with high levels.


what will happen.....well i don't think it's an automatic "force" to go organic.  I think alot of

people think this issue is either do what we do now, or go organic, and that is not true.

They want to get away from GMO (now we have the data and proof), but we didn't say you

have to go organic.

I know many of you are shaking your head, this will not work, well we will just have to change

some things around, and use some different chemicals.....we used to do it, and we still feed

the world, a case could perhaps be made that the low crop price are a direct result of our low

prices, due to over production ((( remember sygenta's action/product was "responsible for price drop")))

ahhh.....we  have lower prices, due in part to a single product.......maybe some young, hungry

lawyer will figure that out.......or how about this....we farmers will loose money since we were sold a product

(rr gmo) that will result in us loosing money, becouse food companies want non rr gmo products, and i didn't

use round up, but when it was tested the gene was there, and i did everything right.....i am hurt financially.......

kind of sound fimular ?


i don't think we can consider this one of those "greenie" things, alot of people reference that list, and there

in some cases good reason to do so.  we should not as farmers, be protecting monsanto.....every bag

of beans i had to give them $12 to plant their seed to be resistant to their corn fellows

were even worse.

Farmers will be pulled into this, and defend monsanto saying "it's a tool we must have"......again, i will say

it, how do you justifiy using a product on your food that is a known by the state of california to cause cancer".


sure, you'll still be able to use it, but at how much of a discount?  and hey, we holler about basis.....imagine

what kind of "surcharge" the elevator is going to pass on to you, for EVERY LOAD to be tested, since they

will need to segrigate...and that keeping things divided and testing.....we'll see less money, even if we

are playing fair.


my friends, i think we need to take a long hard think on this.....and what i will guess, this will be frosted

over this spring, the seed salesman making fun of it, etc, etc, but come next fall, all of a sudden this

will become an issue, and here you are, bins full of grain, that's going to be sold at a discount.


the other odd thing, why wasnt this plasted in the ag media......imagine this as an ag liability issue....

you have the hired hand handling chemicals known by the state of california to cause cancer.....does

the term OSHA send a shiver down your spine ???????


as if we needed more headaches, and have a challange the way it is.



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Re: Kids this is a game changer



Am sure that logic won't prevail, yet wasn't it 'glyphosate' they are concerned about, not the RR plant genetics (as a possible carcinogen?  And, even if glyphosate has been applied during the growing season, any info on how long it stays in the plant, or is glyphosate present at all in the grain, meal or oil?  Maybe there needs to be restriction -- like not using glyphosate on any crop intended for harvest within 30 days.  It's not like anyone is putting glyphosate in their salad dressing.  Glysophate still works great on grass, would hate to lose it altogether, yet I know I've been using a lot less than a few years ago.


And, what about these -- from above article --


Other 'carcinogens'

Toast: contains acrylamide, a genotoxic carcinogen produced as a result of cooking starch-rich food at high temperatures.

Coffee: a byproduct of roasting coffee beans is acrylamide. There have been attempts to force coffee companies in California to add a label warning of cancer.

PVC plastic: emits a carcinogenic gas called vinyl chloride, better known as that not so lovely ‘new-car smell’.

Broccoli, onions and strawberries: natural foods containing acetaldehyde, a carcinogen.



And, here's what Monsanto says --


 from this article --


"Regulatory authorities and independent experts around the world have reviewed numerous long-term/carcinogenicity and genotoxicity studies and agree that there is no evidence that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® brand herbicides and other glyphosate-based herbicides, causes cancer, even at very high doses, and that it is not genotoxic"


"In 1986, the World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in their report on pesticide residues in food stated: "The chronic toxicity of glyphosate is low; the only significant toxicity seen in a number of animal bioassays was mild hepatotoxicity at high doses in mice. There is no evidence of carcinogenicity." and "Glyphosate was without mutagenic activity both in vitro and in vivo.""



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Re: Kids this is a game changer

WC....let me just put it this you want to stand on  a stage, with 5,000 mothers watching, and tell them

"yes, i used a chemical on the plants that your children eat, that is known by the state of california to

cause cancer".......


i know your just voicing your opinion, like i am, so i'll have the stage door open, and have the car running

in the ally.


i anymore am a bit more touchy about cancer as of late, since we had very close call this summer, and

to be frank and blunt about it, if it was treated with something that "was on a list of cancer causing

products, i will say, i don't really care to use it, and will have a second thought about little ones

using it as well.


one thing i've also noted, the number of little kids with acute allergy......and kids with cancer.


as the saying need to walk a day in a man's shoes to understand him.......i've


walked a 1,000 miles, and i now get it and understand.


dang......looking at soybean book from last year, boy the conventional numbers don't do quite as well do they.

used to be a product, "commerce", for beans, it's not made, but i guess you can mix your own, spector and

can't remember the other, it's a preplant product.



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Re: Kids this is a game changer

cheapo, are you gonna go back to farming with horses or oxen?  After all, motor oil is known by the state of California to cause cancer also.  My solution is to stay out of California, and well be fine.  

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Re: Kids this is a game changer

Yes, not disagreeing with you at all.  Just commenting and injecting some counter-information.  There have been too many not-so-reliable claims to not be somewhat cynical.  Like the butterfies, first it was the Bt corn killing them, now it's the glyphosate killing them.  Yes, I'm more concerned about things that might kill people, but I'm a born cynic.

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Re: Kids this is a game changer

Results are just coming in ha lol they have known the whole time you see this every couple decades with one thing or another its population control the world is over 2 billion heavy at this point just don't have the resources
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Re: Kids this is a game changer

yep, it is a bit difficult........on one hand, i've used glyphos, and it's saved my bacon several times. it is a helpful tool at times. but on the other hand.........what if. i don't think we're going back to farming with horses (although on the east coast it is popular with some organic folks) also of interest, google farm equipment for horses, and you'll be surprised how much stuff is out there. I think we might just need to go back to "conventional" chemical and and seed.....untill something is found wrong with it. but the handwritting is on the wall....freto lay does not want gmo corn for corn chips. walmarts goal is to be away from it in 10 years or less. as for the round up, no it's now really about the gene itself, but the idea is that if it is a RR product tested, it ""could"" have been sprayed. we could seen be seening the need to be able to trace back........we've already started going down this slippery slope with the livestock we can trace where the cattle were, etc........... this is just the next step.............and sometime, in the not so distant future, i suspect you will be inspected every year...........the dairy people have been used to it for years. yep, it's a brave new world, and i'm an old chicken
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Re: Kids this is a game changer

Well, to be really honest here we could all do without Roundup in our opperations, there are alot of other options.  And Monsanto hasn`t done us any favors, I`m not falling on a sword for them. 


So, a word to the wise, most of us didn`t major in chemistry and have a PhD in Biology so don`t carry water for GMOs.  Let the biotech companies fight their own battles afterall, they are the experts with all the safety claims.  As farmers we need plausible deniability...if this whole thing goes south, we need to suck on a weed between our teeth and say "Whul shucks ma`am they done fooled us too!  Gooolly we`re just some dumb farmers, we didn`t mean to poison yer kids err nothin`....Monsanto told us it was safe" .  


See when we go on record acting like experts, just because we want the technology that enables us to farm 12 counties, we also take on the responsibilty and liabilty if that technology goes sour.


These biotech outfits tell us it`s safe, let them fight their own battles.   Just my 2¢ 

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Re: Kids this is a game changer

It takes all the concentration I can muster to wade through your wonderfully entertaining diatribe and grammar experimentation!
I just have 2 things to say:
1. Go Organic and make some money!
2. "Loose" means not tight; "Lose" means you need to find it!
Have a good one Elcheapo!
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Re: Kids this is a game changer

thank you james, i thinkSmiley Wink


here is a question for you, well all know you are a "tree hugger" Smiley Happy


but, is there a market for "conventional ?


i know i cited FL on their corn treats want non gmo, but i don't think they have went as far as going organic