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Re: Knowin` what you know now..

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Okay, I'll play.


I think I would have tried to bribe that Navy Corpsman back in Pensacola in 1980 after my initial flight physical revealed I had 20/25 vision in my left eye. Yes, having less than 20/20 in either eye is a genuine show stopper with Naval Flight Surgeons.


Awww nuts! One lousy eye exam and the lifetime dreams of one day becoming a US Naval aviator and a Marine fighter pilot...dashed in a single morning. D*mn! Otherwise, I would not change a single thing. Even my greatest crashes and burns in life seemed to have turned into hidden blessings.


So, if you have your health, your bills are getting paid, and your kids and spouse still love you, then life is pretty darn good...all other things considered. Why look back to the past with anything other than fond nostalgia?