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Land Use Diversification 101


Did you read this story?  There are some good ideas in there about hot to get more money for your ground  We've talked about many of them on here before.  It's probably good for all of us to occasionally sit back and think about alternative uses for our land.


But one thing one seldom sees in these rosy visions is any down side.  What could be the downside of a nice wind turbine paying you good money year after year?  Noise, for one thing.  Unrestricted access to  part of your land for another.  The ground may well be assessed as commercial and you find your taxes went way up.  Are you better off in the long run to lease out the wind turbine site?  Well, maybe yes, but let's put all the facts on the table so it's an informed decision.

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Re: Land Use Diversification 101

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs & Australian Kangaroos in an FDIC institution's safety deposit box versus owning tax free Iowa timberland of equal value.


Say this for tax free Iowa timberland, it may not be especially liquid to sell in a genuine financial crisis, but it will be much harder to steal or confiscate than any gold coins held "safely" in anyone's local bank safety deposit box, if that terrible day were ever to come.


Not, of course, that that day might ever come, mind you.


(ref: FDR's Executive Order # 6102, April 5, 1933.)

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