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Land purchase to be easier for foreigners in Brazil

Hello boys,


This is something that I had posted yesterday on


The government of the new Brazilian president Michel Temer seeks to approve a bill that flexibilizes the rules regarding the purchase of land by foreign citizens. Since 2010, foreign citizens just can purchase law with a limit of 12,300 acres, but still during the term o Dilma Rousseff there was an evaluation to repeal the limitation. The new government considers the flexibilization of the law a key change for the country’s economic recovery and development. In Mato Grosso, for instance, a farm with less than 12,000 acres is considered a small scale farm because of the high costs in the region.


Another major thing about Brazil is that in the new fiscal target of the Temer administration, agriculture is the least affected sector, according to most analyst. The new target aims to reduce the deficit to R$ 170.5 billion (US$ 47.5 billion). The Brazilian Congress approved the new target.

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