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Limits on kids working

The Department of Labor is seekling public comment up until 1 November on a proposal that would severely restrict the work that people under 16 and 18 (depends on category) could do on the farm.  In some cases, they could only work on a farm owned by their parents (this does not include a corporation owned by their parents).

Your 17 year old could not go run a grain wagon for your brother (his uncle).  Your 17 year old daughter could not drive a pickup to the field to take parts to her grandfather unless she lived on his farm.  Under 16, no herding livestock or haying.  Can't drive or even rid in farm equipment on a public road.  Couldn't use a block and tackle.  Couldn't cut and stack lumber for the lady next door. This is from a Farm Bureau article.

we may say that we'd ignore these rules if we didn't like them, but the rub comes if there is a dispute, an injury or such.  If your grandson is injured working on your farm, you may be accused of child abuse or neglect.  You might be held liable if your niece hurts herself driving you ATV bringing you a sandwich.  on hour farm.

Here are some news references:

 Is tightening up child labor laws a benefit to your farm and family or an unneeded and unwarranted intrusion in how your children and you work on the farm?

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