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Looking for input on a dairy

Was approached by a neighbor younger and he wants to sell 80 acres to a dairy based out of CA. Permit would be for 3500 animal units . Kimd of needs surrounding neighbors for enough land for manure and feed. I have a lot of questions and looking for any input. What do you charge for silage is it so much x corn price and if so how many months a year do you market over. Alfalfa prices also irrigated vs non irrigated alfalfa and silage. If removing sialge yearly is the liquid manue replacing enough org. Matter and other nutrients. What is the manure worth or is there some exchange. What about record keeping and the EPA. What about housing, crime rates, pressure on small school system. Does it bring more competition into your area good or bad. Drive land price up or down. Taxes etc. How many years are manure easements for. How about my kids and neighboring kids in the future. Looking for lots of input gotta give the young man credit for thinking outside the box. Fire away.
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