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Lord help us

should the "average voter" come to the realization that his/her household is being taxed $600/yr via tariffs and the money is being redistributed as a payoff to farmers.

The amount collected thus far doesn't quite pay for the $28B promised (again, thus far) but will in a few months.

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Re: Lord help us

600$ per year doesn't seem to bother anybody.   ---- its a cup of coffee.   3 lottery tickets a week.  A decent set of songs on an iPhone ---food stamps for 10 days. etc etc  

And there lies the problem.......  government doles it out to everyone......... so what is the big deal is the reaction from the masses.  

the masses expect government to be into everything .   Drive up the price of everything.  See that the poor have wifi.  fix everything  ........ as we concentrate wealth in those who control the message and reap the benefits.

We been paving the road to here for 50 years.    If they weren't putting $600 per year into farm supports they would be stending $600 per year in higher food prices (and usda would be compensating it in food stamps).  

You really expect them to get riled up over a subsidy to farmers that is less than 20% of the annual food stamp budget??  

As long as it keeps flowing is what we asked for...... according to the media.  



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Re: Lord help us

$28B is approaching half the$70B entire food assistance budget.

That benefits about 40M people, probably half of the $28B in emergency farm aid goes to 10,000 families?

For about half of families, a $600 tariff tax is more than they got from the tax cuts.

I wouldn't worry about it, I don't expect anybody much to figure it out. There's a zillion other things to distract them with.

I really couldn't oppose emergency assistance for farmers if I thought there was much chance that some broad benefit would come out of the trade war, but I don't.

Agriculture will feel the effects for many years and the only hope would be that stepped up assistance will continue. I do think people may get a little tired of that.

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Re: Lord help us

They  are  doing  both  -  $600    divided  by  52   -  has  already  taken  place  at  the  super  market  -  -  -

Experts  say  inflation  at  @  2%  - 3 %  annual , as  of  last  decade   -   a  blindside   hint  -  price  a  new  ''''  farm  truck  ''''  (pickup)  -  the  real,  live  indicator   -  maybe   -  -  -  

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