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Mandatory Fire Insurance?

I`m against just about everything "check off" and "mandatory", I will make an exception with crop fire insurance.  For a few pennies of check off on each bushel we could have insurance that would take away the farmer`s liability if a unthinkable fire started from a combine bearing and wiped out a whole township. I carry my own fire insurance, but Lord only knows how many neighbors do and houses could be affected as well, many million$$ gone because of one $30 bearing. I`m not harvesting today, it just isn`t worth it, neither are the neighbors, but in a couple more days with no rain there will be one crazy fool that will venture out and the rest of us will follow like lemmings.  I don`t know what a farmer`s responsiblity would be if the neighborhood went up in smoke, I sure don`t want to find out. We have a check off to hire guys in suits to go to China and sell our corn, which may or may not do us any good.  It would only make sense to have a insurance check off to upgrade fire departments and relieve farm liability. BTW I don`t think a mandatory insurance should give a farmer license to do stupid things like harvest in 60 mph wind in the middle of a dought. 

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