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Massive Freshwater Reserves

Scientists announced the report of 500,000 cubic km of fresh water under the continental shelves.  I doesn't sound to me like this will replace the Ogalala aquifer, but it's good to have the water, even if it will be expensive and an aggravation to get.  Now, how about the idea of having a deep fresh water well on your ocean front property?  Is that like an oil well?  🙂

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Re: Massive Freshwater Reserves

This is an absolutely fascinating story. But I am curious about one thing. How do you learn about these stories? I'm impressed. Really!

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Re: Massive Freshwater Reserves

Wll Jim -- ONE day that fresh water may be more valuable than oil - Just say'n' - - What sounds better - A nice cool glass of crude or a nice tall glass of water ??   Think we should elbow our way to the front of the line and buy the rights to it - lol


BTW Weedman - Jim is a walking book of knowledge - wise beyond his years  Smiley Happy 


Oh and weedguy - don't forget the sunscreens ---Smiley Wink Smiley Happy

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Re: Massive Freshwater Reserves

It is hard to believe that, with all the exploration for offshore oil deposits, this fact is just now coming to lght. I wonder how it will play into permitting for drilling for oil, since there would be a good chance that the two processes could be incompatible.

There is some belief/ evidence that what many of us perceive as oil wars in arid places had been water wars, before US energy interests got involved. One of the water quality teaching lessons I was taught to utilize.started with the premise that the water we drink was once consumed by guys talk all the time about land, how " they ain't making any more of it". Well, ditto for H2O.
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