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Milo, market statements, how wonderful things are

Good morning boys and girls. News out this morning
That China is saying we are dumping Milo on
Them (yes we've seen 50 cents or more basis from
Oc to NC in Milo...should have known better)
Dumping is usually claimed when it is sold below
Cost of production ((China is smarter than DC and
CME)...but they also claim that we are getting
A subsidy....did I miss something ?

I noted headlines saying ""farmer selling""....tell
Me, how do you determine that ?? None of
The elevators post how much grain was bought
That day or week...and the speed of which
That is known. There are days when we are told
Heavy farmer selling..and that's Durning trading
Hours, reports are not done untill end of day !!
And lastly, no day would be complete without
Me making a Tweety bird comment...ever since
Someone made a state of the union address,
Markets have went comment
Out it has the tweet concerned.
Here is something to ponder.,.how many department
Head positions are still open many people have quit or fired in just
One that to history
..and how someone only hires quality people.
Looks like someone still thinks they are on TV.
Just to give you your money's worth..where
Is the first lady ? By tradition the first lady has
Several causes she helps support, usually
Youth or health...where is the first lady ?
We have had other first lady that had kids
And still done things.
.my take... someone doesn't want to share
The limelight.

Sun shining, 3 inches snow, bit cool out, need
To go help fix the weekly community dinner.

Over and out

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