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Re: Missouri Attention Getter !

It is a bad deal.....


Everyone who looks at our crop uses it as the ultimate excuse.


It wasn't our seed ---had to be wind drift.


It wasn't my scouting mistake .... had to be wind drift..


It wasn't the water I forgot to pump........ had to be wind drift


It wasn't the sand flying in the wind ....... had to be chemical drift.


It wasn't our traits failing to work........ had to be wind drift


I didn't miss that mite infestation ........ had to be wind drift.



And to top that it is a stupid law.  Written to infer that if there is damage there is someone to blame.  Not always true. When in fact the applicator can apply it exactly right and wind change or wind that follows application with no wind, does the trick. 

You have to prove your innocence and you are assumed guilty.



Dicamba is my most hated herbicide...... I call it  "the herbicide most likely to do more damage than good".  And crop scouts have been in love with it for years....  It won't kill anything without help and it will damage every crop it comes in contact with. 




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