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Re: Missouri Attention Getter !

Not really sure what the Missouri law solves.


Friday, I stopped and talked to the guy spraying burndown/preplant across the road (upwind and uphill) from where I was in field.  I didn't have a wind meter, but called elevator 6 miles away (wind there was 17-19 mph).  I really just wanted to know for sure what he was spraying -- my cab glass was getting misted -- stepped it off, my tractor was at 43 steps in from the edge of my field, and his sprayer was on 2nd pass from edge of field across road.  I honestly don't think there will be any damages from that, yet my purpose was to make sure the applicator knew I was paying attention to what he was doing.  If there are damages from this or future sprayings, the guy will be less surprised if I say something.  Of course, he probably just thinks I'm a *****, but I have had drift damages to crops in that same field in the past, the elevator did pay for it, and the guy that was spraying used to drive applicator for that elevator (now in business for himself).

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