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Money Management/Finance Software

For many years I've been using Quicken but the program is having some problems and is starting to get considerable negative press.  I'm serioulsy thinking of moving on.


I am not in the position to want to use a double entry system like Quickbooks, so even if you like it, please suggest something else.


I also will not use a program that puts my money in the cloud.  That cuts out a huge number of them.


So - what fairly simple desk-top programs might be left?  I am happy with manual input.  



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Re: Money Management/Finance Software

I have always been bad at financial planning, and therefore I often had to borrow money from my parents, since I practically do not know how to plan my budget. Then my parents advised me to seek help from financial advisors who will give me advice about my capital. I thought about this option for a long time and decided to ask these people for help. For a while it helped, but then it became difficult for me to cooperate with such people and I began to look for other ways to solve my problem. The software you mentioned looks good, so I wanted to ask if it can be used as a financial advisor? Thank you in advance for your answer, I really hope for a positive comment about this software.

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Re: Money Management/Finance Software

Is financial software really a good assistant to plan your budget?

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