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Monkeys got loose again

This time they got into the typewriter room, and
One of them belt out this little article

American farmers need to tighten belt to compete
With Latin American farmers.

I'll admit I didn't read it....but I think the title says it

First...most have been tighten...notice how many dealers have went out of business, or the elimination
Of elevators and chem/fert local offices...or the decline of rural towns

Just what do they suggest cutting ? Food, healthcare ??
Just so you can afford $65 bag soybean seed, $300 plus corn seed, 300 sunflower seed, or round up alfalfa seed $8 a pound.
Same with chemicals and fertilizer.

You want to compete with a bunch that can get
Two crops a year, good moisture, land prices half,
Lower labor, food, healthcare costs, and funny thing
Their seed and chemicals are lower.

If you think you can beat that....

I think we need to put you in with the monkeys.
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Re: Monkeys got loose again

Elcheapo, you have to look up the Kansas guy in the other post I made.  Get big or get out.  36,000 acres and he's doing pretty well.


The little guys who have their land free and clear can last a long time showing paper losses but still taking the winter off in Arizona.  The little guy who is renting or buying - not so much.

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Re: Monkeys got loose again



the montra of "modern agriculture"........get big or get out


well, i'm reminded of the saying "the bigger they are the harder they fall"

or "too big to fail".........

and also ongoing stories of the latest belly up BTO and a year or two ago stamp farms.


I believe this ideal is made up by the "agricultural industrial complex"...........


its in the best interest of the chem/seed/fert/equipment companys to have big operators, not to mention the grain people.


interesting to look at some of the young people, or older people that are using the older equipment, use the simple, a few years

back "technology"......might be interesting to look at the profit margins..........but no.......I doubt you will see that in

"agriculture industry" publication.



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Re: Monkeys got loose again

elcheapo, maybe you're old enough to remember the Packard, Fraser, Nash, Studebaker, Cord, White, Stanley Steamer, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Fhilco, Zenith, Motorola TV, etc.


Own your farm, find a niche market you can dominate, or compete with people who buy diesel by the tanker.

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Re: Monkeys got loose again

Buy  it  by  the  tanker , pay  for  it  Chapter ?  ,  business plan mayBe---

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