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Re: Monsanto And Bayer

Gil Gullickson has written a neat summary of 7 features about the proposed merger.


The two allege there is litle overlap of functions so they think regulators will OK the merger.  They expect up to 1.5 billion in synergy savings (I think that means firing half the accountants and making the rest do all the work) in 3 years.  I wonder if they plan to extend any synergy savings to the cost of products?  Or if less competition will keep our input prices up?


It is obvious that the new company wants to use digital data to prescribe farmer field actions earlier and with more precision.  Guess who will have access to if not own the data?  Guess who will analyze, synthesize and prescribe actions based on the data?  Guess who will be directly or indirectly charged for the use of their own data?


This may well be inevitable, so maybe farmers have to get used to this new and radical paradigm.  We're already in the good old days.

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