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My First Rant On [A].com

First of before I start -- hope everybody is having a good morning here !


And now for my rant .


Maybe it was the thirteen thousand - three hundred and fourteen telemarketers calls the past few days that has pushed old Ken over the edge here But have you guy's ever noticed that we can't make a decision  any more in farming ? We have to have somebody to hold our hands in every purchase or in marketing or what ever , It's driving me nut's -- more so , anyway .


Ok here , have you ever  noticed all the snake oils being marketed today , we have stuff that makes the plant think it's under stress , then it will make the plant make more bu.s ? WTF here - Stress is a good thing ? Makes more BPA ? If you want to see  stress on crops , they should have stopped by the poor farm here in Indiana last summer  ! Heck it was under stress dam near from the get go and I can ensure you my friends it didn't raise my BPA's ! And how much does snake oil cost ?


Oh you have to have this and that seed treatment on your seed now ! Its the latest greatest to add BPA's ! You have fungicides and insecticides and inoculate  and on and on and on , yes some of it may help like the fungicide when planting beans early , But was at a class yesterday that showed --here in Indiana that there was NO increase in yield from using insecticides here , but then again it may help in parts of the country where bug pressures are higher early , No I not back stepping here -- this is why I go to classes - i don't just go by what the seed guys SAY I need or there company study in BFE !


Then there is planters - his has gone off the wall to me - go price a planter then it get's worse than ordering a car ! or truck ! You HAVE to have seed firmers , then you need to throw away the BRAND new seed unit's and put in a NEW  and BETTER after market unit ! So let me get this straight here - I just brought a NEW 149,000 dollar planter and the units are junk and I need to spend another -- what ever before I go to the field???? Sorry here but need to ROTFand LMAO here ! Yes years ago they may have been better to put these on instead of rebuilding the old unit's but most have caught up with the new and better . Case in point , I bought a new Kinze last year and ------- I hate to say this -- but I ran the unit's that come with it -- I know , I know -- I'm a POS farmer . BTW -- i would put them up against the new and better's any dy of the week , how can you out do a picket fence ?

Let's not forget the forty different closeing wheels and firmers -- chains - infurrow fert . One thing here about in row fert . What do's jst 3 to 5 gallons really do ? The last time I looked , the Radicle grows down ,  So there your fert. is laying ABOVE and not below where the Radicle is looking for food , then that opens up you HAVE to use the safer liquid -- safer - yes but all they did is lower the salt content ,but by saying it's  safer  then they can JACK the price up -- LOL


Let's not forget variable rate too ! That is a MUST , lol Yes it do's work in some area's -- I guess , but at the meeting --also -- they said that if you don't have at least a 50 BPA swing in your fields then it's iffy if it would pay but would be better if there was a 100 BPA difference in the same field -- reason how do  you write the script ? ground changes every year - CEC , Low spots , hight spot's , fert. levels . But you have to have it , lol


Then that leads that your tractor don't have enough hydraulic's , and have  to  BUY a NEW tractor - only another 200 grand . also a LOL

 How about down force ?


Well I guess I have went on to long on this ,  I guess i have read to much Faust100f and Db-51 over the years or just getting older and getting tired of the farmer in my being farmed by the have to have crowd .


Everybody have a great day !







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