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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

Ken---------------good rant.  I was in the mood for that.  🙂



The disturbing thing about age, is watching the same "new discoveries" get recycled.


Went to a seed one recently, where it is obvious the company is trying to be crop scouts and "trinket" promoters in addition to seed sales.-----------The stress thing was big, along with innoculate, inoculate, then innoculate again.

Why???--------- Are they embarassed at the cost of seed and trying to add value??

Are they just trying to ward off the complaints, by passing on a guilt trip for not raising 300 bu corn???

Or is it because they are transfering someone elses genetics with someone elses traits, that they don't know that much about-------cause it hasn't been out long enough to be tried or tested????




Made me think I need to look elsewhere for innoculant!!!!!





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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

Bruce, I cannot tell you how many presentations I have sat in on, where at the end they ask for questions...and end up sorry they asked wihthme in the room!  My brain is compulsively, constantly running the numbers, and that is the kind of non sequitor it catches, subconsciously. 


Then, there is my famous public remark, which I offered to the Ph.D. who had envisioned himself as the Guru of Kenaf a few years back.  He  wanted each tobacco farmer to invest  "only $125,000" of their buyout money in processing facilities for a fiber that had virtually no endusers at the time...He concluded his statement with, "otherwise, they will just spend it on a cottage at the beach." 


Cue Kay..."Well, this IS  America and it is their money." 


Only comment after that was a very audible "Amen!"

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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

Well, thank you very much...but, I thought everyone knew that. 


Take out "farmers" and substitute "senior citizens", and say "Medicare" for "program payments". 


How about "children" and "WIC/SNAP"?


I can go on for quite a while with comparisons;but, I sense I am singing to the choir.... 



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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

This reminds me of two pieces of guiding principles that I follow:

  1. You have to spend some money to make more money; and,
  2.  You cannot spend your way out of debt.

Dr. Phil's Corollary: Most money problems aren't money problems, they are management problems. 


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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

And Neb : When you dump your grain at the elevator......nobody asks " What color did you use to plant of harvest with ? "  John

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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

First off Kay , Kay  , Kay ! You were doing SSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO Good till you brought up Dr. Phil !!  -- Just shaken my head here , Smiley Wink


Second -- sw , I will only talk about stuff in Indiana for I have not a clue about Kansas dirt or any place else on God's green earth , But I have been around the chemical and fert. Business since 76 --that is 1976 , lol   = Along time , but think about what you just asked , why ? Why did they push inoculates so hard ? Well here in Indiana  reasch has found it has not increased yields ------ Unless it was used on ground that was broke out of --say a woods , had been in pasture for upteen years , heck may be even CRP ground that has not been farmed for years , then you might see some help there , But here's the bottom line , price that treatment from the company ! then talk to somebody that treats there own - Around here is save's them HALF the cost than from the seed company , heck fire , dam  near ever seed deal has brought there own treater here , They might as well make the money -- huh ?

It's all about sells = more money comeing in -- so to speak = makes big dog's running the show look good in front of the board !!


So since you 2 got me fired back up , I think I will rant on alittle bit more , Ok here a question for you all out there -- Which chemical company has one of --if not the best marketing groups going ?? And leave out Monsanto !


How about BASF and there marketing of headline -- there were great ! At first they could NOT promote it as a crop care product , but they got that past thur the EPA .

Now I will say that is do's keep crops greener , will delay cutting beans here , sometime's up to a week to10 days , But it's a FUNGICIDE ! 

It is to control a fungus ,it can Not increase yield , it can only preserve the yield that's left or protect what's left,

Then they promoted it Or I should say some fert. Plants was saying -- well it's insurance for down the road , he's where farmers bit hook line and sinker , If you use a hybrid that has very good  resistance package then 9 out off 10 times you will not have any problem BUT you still have to scout your fields !!!  One number to watch out for are the race horse hybrids -- you know the ones that will make 300 bpa but are weak on gray leaf , rusts or what ever , then it will -- may pay .

I have done on farm research many years on corn and beans , and with the numbers I use have never , never got a return from useing it .

I'm not bashing BASF , but YOU have to know the conditions for a product , Look at this way , By not scouting or just letting the plant manager scout your fields is just like handing them your check book !


One more thing before I go ( Dr. Phil comes on here at 4 ) There is spots in Southern Il and KY that have resistance to Frogeye Leafspot = from years of treating them with headline , over use these product's and one day when we need them , we'll be SOL .


Fell free anybody to ( Rant With Ken ) ! it makes a person fell better ! lol

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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

Well I was at a meeting a couple of weeks
Ago where they were promoting applying
A fungicide when applying topdressing
To wheat mixed with Olympus or powerflex

Now back in the stone age when I went to
School, making notes on stone tablets when
The Prof lectured (oh I hated those dull chisels), plus being chased by an occasional
Dinosaur ......there was not that much
Fungus activity in early to mid March !

The sad thing tho was they asked how
Many did that about a quarter of them
Held their hand up.

About like the innoculant....we were told
If beans were grown last year, you are
Mostly alright....although I will say there
Are so strains that are a bit more aggressive
And do tend to nodulate more and better
Yeilds....but once you use them you have it.
Latest is the mycorozia to add to some crops
And the new micro elements you add to
My the time you add the Inc
plus micro elements plus insecticide....are the seeds as big as marbles ???
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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

@Nebrfarmr wrote:

Well, now at least I know what I'm doing wrong.  I'm not spending nearly enough on new equipment and technology.


I pull a 198? planter, with a 198? tractor, pick it with a 1981 1440 combine, and haul it to town on a 1978 truck.  

OK Neb, there's your problem right there. You don't pick corn with a combine, you shell it. You need to go to corn college where they teach you proper terminology and how to measure yields with a 30 foot rope.

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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

Neb, I am with you on this. I planted my beans with my "control spill" drill pulled by a 50 year old tractor, planting off brand seed, [fielders choice] and have out yeilded the neighbors  by almost 20 bu. per acre. His 200,000 dollar tractor and 50000 dollar planter planting name brand seed didnt seen to pay out in the end. Incidently these fields were side by side.

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Re: My First Rant On [A].com

I don't see any shortage of seed caps with a pretzel on them,  so apparently farmers haven't caught on.    ECIN should go on tour to all the winter farm shows.



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