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NE US Natural gas exploration and fracing

Subject was raised in the Japan/nuclear thread. I don't think there are many NE US posters here but fwiw there is a gas boom or two going on in PA and potentially NY. Lease rates in some areas went as high as 6000/acre. In hot areas giant gas finds are starting to produce in PA.

In NY there is a moratorium.


 This has raised controversies over hydraulic fracturing. Essentially it is anti-industrialists against pro natural gas people. In the “elitist” NE corridor, people like TX and OK to risk dying producing energy – NIMBS, not in my back state!  They don’t like hydro, pet based, nuclear or coal based energy, they just like electricity energy!It is sickening. Celebs have been donating $$$$$ to run Gasland )NC Kay) and other media buzz.

It is a serious subject up here, effecting economics, environment etc.


Here is the truth:


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I'd like to know...

..where the damned check is that the "celebs" are "paying $$$" to me?!?

Please, watch what you write, fella!

Some "truths" maybe be relative to you, but my reputation is absolute to one pays me for what I say. 

I've spent nine years now policing a "harmless" mining operation, and doubt you have comparable experience.  Nothing ends up being truly "harmless," and their regulatory agency agreed with me on that point. 

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Re: I'd like to know...

About 2000 Marcellus wells will be drilled/fraced  in PA in 2011.


Locals, regulators are all over the operations.


Gascos are finding a different culture here -vs TX, AK, OK, there is no throwing it down a stream.

Celebs getaway country - hey they don't even eat roadkill.

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