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The White House has proposed a  TAX  CUT , which I always find the  CUT part language interesting, the word seems to have changed meaning the few political cycles---


Bringing back corp  $$$ cash stashed in off shore ventricles seems to have a lustrous chime of the latest conversations of '' we need revenue ''  - rather than the chorus of  the "" CUT '' spending shouting we've witnessed---


Keep in mind the State of California sends  DC   $370 Billion Fed Tax moneys / year   -   the one time return of the OFF SHORE holdings  COULD - MAYBE retrieve @ that much  ''''''  IF  ''''''  those  $$$$$  aren't  used for  '''' stock  buy  backs ''''  and or other  Corp. tax options that allows non tax activity ---


IMAGINE  THAT ?????   while  '' John  Q  Public '''  would  forfeit  several  deductions such as state & local taxation burden deductions available currently ---


Might want to think this over with your  '''  elected  officials '''  ---             

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