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Taylor ECIL
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Re: NY Times Diatribe On Bin Safety

If I offended you with my statement, I am sorry. That does not take away the fact that I worked with enough people who would choose the easier way to do something and not the safer way. I.e. not wearing PPE when filling anhydrous tanks. Even though the rules set down by the managers said if they were caught doing something unsafe they would be fired on the spot.

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Re: NY Times Diatribe On Bin Safety

K-289 & Kraft,


No calous intent,  But one has to ask, does another law change the behavior of the ones that make bad choices.  If you make every grain bin in the US have an attendant safety officer will it actually stop every death.

Alcohol and driving,  what an excellant example.  Is there a law we haven't tried?  Or a better question is there a law that will guarantee safety?  I don't think the death penalty would guarantee it would not happen.


I just think we are at a point where we are just duplicating laws and responsibilities we already have on the books.  So many that we find what we already have very hard to enforce.

Look into the face of an experienced meth user or the alcoholic and ask yourself, " Is another well worded legal statute really going to change that behavior.  In most cases noone would like to change it more than that person,  or the farmer who is living with the loss of a brother or son in an farm accident.  

Does it happen because there is not a law.   In most cases, including the endangerment of a child, law already exists.

Just my opinion.

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Re: NY Times Diatribe On Bin Safety

Take one last look at your insurance lobby and you will find most of the law lettings --- had a retired insurance agent that has passed on told me about our transportation insurance how they would give our company the 1 million liability check and leave the rest of the responsibility to us because the law was written that way a few years back or we could purchase a Lloyd of London 5 million with a 1 million deductible and one would be financial straits before it was litigated --- a fair portion of the stack of reg's were written to complicate liability not necessarily to protect the policy holder --- 

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Re: Changing the culture

You are right, Hardnox! Thank you.

--Cheryl Tevis

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Re: 25 Deaths.

This reminds me alot of our neighbors. The grandfather and the son both let their young grandsons/sons, one is 8 and one is 16 drive down the main county roads on their 4-wheelers way faster then one should drive in that situation and they have always done it. This summer the sixteen year old was driving a peterbilt with a 42ft trailer loaded full to the elevator in town with his little brother in the passenger seat, you could always hear him reving it up trying to make the shift, he is a horrible driver. It's against the law but yet he is still out there doing it. He could have the sixteen year old run the combine and the dad could run the truck and i feel that would be much safer.


The point, you can't put a law on stupid, not only is he putting both his sons at risk, but everyone else on the road is in danger. IF the idiot wants to kill his son thats his problem but if he hurts anyone else........It's people like this that would also put a child in a dangerous situation in a grain bin.......

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