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National Farm Safety and Health Week September 21-27

Just in time for harvest and while we are all active outside and not perched around the fireplace and avoiding danger in the dead of winter.


There are many events sponsored around the nation to raise awareness of farm safety.  Here is an example of webinars provided by the Northeast Iowa Community College.

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Re: National Farm Safety and Health Week September 21-27

Thanks for sharing Jim. I'm a strong advocate of farm safety. I've got a fire meeting later tonight, I'm gonna see if we as a volunteer fire department can put on some type of demonstration for the school aged kids next week promoting farm safety. Thanks again for sharing.
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Re: National Farm Safety and Health Week September 21-27

Kids from all backgounds benefit from fire safety lessons, like z, Stop, Drop, and Roll!" I saw their attentiveness to the firemen who did these when I taught primary school.

Farm safety will be more essential in really ag areas, not many families farm most places now. There sre great curriculum guides, like Safety 4 Just Us Kids, which was developed by a mom of a child killed in a farming accident. Not to cite a vomletitor to the website's publisher, but Progressive Farmer did a great job of sponsoring this program and a nationwide schefule of field days for it.

SF does a good thing with the Certified Safe Farm prigram, which we stidied bia Cooperative Extension, including on-farm safety assessments, tailored to your specific operstion. Call your county Extension office for help with finding agents certified to tesch the prigrams and do the assessments.
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