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Natural Gas Line Easement

Not sure where to post this but would like to get some feed back on guys who recently had new transmission lines installed on there property. We are in the path of where Rover wants to install 2- 42" gas lines with a 60' permanent right of way and 200' temporary work right of way. We have about 3100' of total line that angles across our property and onto another one of our property's. We have been less than impressed with Rover from everything from the the offers to the inability to give us a plan to fix our systematic tile system. We met with land stewards mid July to put a plan together for fixing tile and were told we would hear back in a week and now its mid November, still no response. We have a lawyer who says they have under budgeted for tile repair and really have not installed gas line in an area like Ohio with so many tile installed. Tile is really the life of these farms and really adds to our bottom line. Now Rover says they won't get tile plans back until we sign a lease. Obviously anyone with common sense knows this a joke. Even the Rover rep admitted they have not experienced a state like Ohio with so many tile to work with. We have worked with other natural gas line installations on other farms we own and know even with things in writing it is hard to get them to do whats in writing let alone if a problem comes up after they leave. It takes a lawyer to enforce the lease and you just end up fixing the problem yourself. The lawyers seem fine with the status quo and the representative from Farm Bureau wasn't a lot more help. If we felt compensation was fair living with some minor problems wouldn't be such a big deal. Rover said they have about 25% of the line signed up and normally have 50% plus at this time. So I don't think we are the only ones thinking this isn't a good deal. We benefit in no way from this line. We cannot get gas for our farms, homes, or livestock barns even though it passes right past my propane dryer. Was wondering mainly how to get leverage against this gas company to get fair compensation since stopping it seems like a long shot. Who do us landowners contact to get more awareness about our concerns? Any ideas or experiences are appreciated and sorry for the ramblings its hard to get my thoughts straight on this. If your willing to share what you received for an easement with the size of line and width of line that would be appreciated.


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Re: Natural Gas Line Easement

Texas Gas has 3 lines across us on about 3000ft. 2-48in. 1-12in. river bottoms the payment seems more than fair to me,$130,200.00 if i figured right that is a lot more than we got. Our biggest problem was getting the land back like it was before they tore it up. The contractor got paid by the ft. to dig the trench and he dug a lot faster than the pipe got laid ,our trench laid open for more than 3 weeks, back water came up washed silt in trench had to pump out ,lots of dirt went down river they could not figure out where dirt went ,they had to haul many truck load of topsoil in, they will never get permission to lay another line on us as easy as they did this time. My advice to you is have a penalty clause if work is not done timely and you are right GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!!                                        good luck

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Re: Natural Gas Line Easement

I live in a gas field..  we got lines everywhere...........


Your getting a decent pay,,,,,, but it is never enough long term....... Problem is we couldn't keep them from doing it anyway on ours...


For years we got free gas for our homes which made it all easier to swallow,  but there will always be a few things about it that don't have a good aftertaste.


A bit of legal advice on the documents, is worthwhile if you can find a lawyer that isn't just a parasite...

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