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Re: New Administration, New Farm Bill

I expect farm supports to drop in lower crop ins. ARC or other commodity supports......maybe a set aside will be required to permit production on remaining acres.

Pres. DT has way too many other spending plans to fund or borrow for.....such projects as the WALL......rebuilding military ......rebuilding roads , streets , cuts for the rich so they can hire moreworkers to get business moving again !!!!!


  Ag is doing GREAT right now....nobody losing the farm.....still able to pay $200 -$300 land rent....$250 - $300 seed corn.....fert. and weed control down. 60 - 75 bu bean avgs and 225 - 275 bu corn field avgs. Prices a little low but just rent or buy more $8000  -$12000 per acre land and will be GOOD !


  New Pres.= New priorities