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New England Drought Factor In Farm Bill

The drought in the Northeast has these smaller farmers building a political case for more farm bill support.  Smaller farmers in New England don't always fit in the current Farm Bill thinking.


Let me ask you this - if climate change is going to affect everything from temperature to sea level, aren't we all going to be wanting more federal aid?


What about the idea that maybe the best aid is to start telling people to make plans assuming a volatile climate and the government can not afford to bale every one out of every thing.


People on the beach maybe should be told that they are on their own.  People who build houses in the forest maybe shouold be told they will not get every fire put out.  Floods, tornadoes, crop failures.  Do we pay for all of them, especially if some can be mitigated by moving out of flood plains, planting crops that are well sutied to the region, staying away from beaches?

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Re: New England Drought Factor In Farm Bill

Don't you know, Jim, that everyone should be free to whatever they please, when and where they please, and have the government pick up the tab for any bad consequences?
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Re: New England Drought Factor In Farm Bill

Irony or serious, it is the way we look at things as a nation.


The thought makes me wonder if there are any left in the economy who actually save back for tough times.


It is the danger Washington visits every time they pass judgement on lifestyles, lightbulbs, safety or energy choices... etc etc etc


If I choose wind and solar, then can't afford it, don't I deserve help from those who demanded I go that way??


As illogical and unproductive as it is............


Besides being bad for mental is perpetual dependency on governments social engineering.

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