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New direction...... New day

Well grain production is being beaten down to intollerable levels financially.

 Cotton harvest is on in the sw.

Good luck to all following that path.

Land is selling today at phenominal rates for the Sw region..... (meaning lots of acres being offered)  And the traditional props under the land values locally are not very sturdy.  The sale bills are not encouraging because the emphasize the obvious issues we face........


Depleting resources........ 

1.   Water ---(one sale of many in sw ks has 4k acres irrigated.  22 wells..... 7 are 250 gpm or less only 2 or 3 wells still have 1000 gpm)


2.   Young farmers

3   "Middle class" successful farmers looking to grow

4    Stable Absentee owners who understand selling land is not winning the lottery.

5    Money availability  and of course The cost of money (interest) which will deplete money sourcing drastically.

6   Faith in Agriculture..... imparative for producers and financial institutions...( lenders have placed a limit on the number of years on loans for irrigated land.)

7.  ?





Better news for the midwest....


1.  California continues to implode in production agriculture(water mismanagement- spending on water infrastructure stopped by courts years ago.)......... good news for cotton, corn, and wheat midwest and nw. 

 2  Arizona water continues to deplete.



Ever notice how many good articles are published in JD"s advertising publication "The Furrow".  ????

"Out of the Darkness" issue ---- exceptional.

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Re: New direction...... New day

I also noticed how many articles promote the virtues of alternative forms of agriculture. You’d think John Deere would want to prop up their traditional customers
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Re: New direction...... New day

It impresses me also ----how they write as agriculture observers....

Speaking frankly....... It looks like they can see in the future world, there are going to be the big international food corporations feeding the masses in the over grown metro's (the folks who may never own a car) and there are going to be another half of the world gardening and milking goats to survive while the wait on the freight wagon's monthly visit.


Deere doesn't get into social engineering, they just observe and intend to sell something to everyone. It's nice to know that they will still finance a "hoe" if I fall out of the "world market".


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Re: New direction...... New day

"I believe in the future of farming with a faith born not of words but of deeds.." well our advisor had us use "farming" in place of "agriculture" in the FFA creed.   As my drafting teacher said "as long as ladies have babies, there will be a need for architects" .  To intertwine those 2 statements together as long as ladies have babies, there`ll be a need for architects and agriculture ...perhaps your architect will be a computer and a robot will be the farmer.


There may be a market niche for human, noncorporate raised food in the future.  A little sticker on produce in Whole Foods stores "Human grown"  Smiley Happy

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Re: New direction...... New day

And  the irony will continue...... The wives of the Amazon techs and corporate farming execs will be at the farmers market buying our fresh produce and melons that only they can afford. Smiley Happy

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