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No health insurance available for 2018 ??

Got a letter in the mail late last company will no longer provide coverage to individuals in 2018.  

Last year we had BCBS, Coventry and Medica.  BCBS went to a insurance program, that you have coverage, that was fairly

good..but it did not include 2 counties in the state....just so happened thats where the state medical school is.  i have several

doctors there, so i need coverage. I had BCBS, and the girl was good saying that my only option was the bronze, of which I

would need to stand the first $6500....I went to coventry since it was a couple dollars cheaper than the bronze, and had lower they are gone....mecdica looked good, but they were the highest of the 3.


I have sent an email to both BCBS and Medica to see if they were going to offer insurance in the responce yet.


Folks...we have a problem....


I have to say, i do know more about heath insurance than many, first, because i use it, second, i used to do the claim stuff

for the ambulance service, and over the past year, a small group of us has been working on maybe starting a state wide

group program available to those in agriculture...we have talked to all the players...


I have to say, very few understand the heath insurance industry....Ive noted on this forum that there are many unbasised

ideas floating about on here.


washington has bluntly made a huge mess....and before you want to say O......, you are wrong....just responding that way, shows

that you really dont understand.


what you may or many not know....all insurance companys must get clearence to sell products in states, its not a federal

issue....starting in july, companys will sending material to insurance commissioners offices, they will review the coverage requests,

premium requests, etc, yes, they can say that the company is charging too much....


a couple of weeks ago i got an email from a friend working with me on the group plan, he had talked to one of the insurance company

people...they frankly dont know what to do....they have no idea what will come out of washington...this company is one of the players

right now, and he said in the email that they want to sell insurance in 2018, but they dont know what to write, and have not a clue in

putting together a premium scale since the underwritting department says they have no idea.


from my sources, you should be hearing in the next month or so if your company will be offering you a plan for next year


i really have no answers as to what to do


this is fast becomming deadly serious, frankly the house bill made things worse...because they insurance companys were looking

for guidence...they got none....and they are running out of time now


we don't have time to put together high risk pools, etc...etc....


this is being done totally wrong


it was said by someone that healthcare will is right now....due to washington doing nothing and putting things out that

make no logic at all.


my only suggestion is, perhaps contact ASA (agri-services agency) they are the administrators of a group plan for farmers...

it was started by the dairy farmers of america...they can not write in all states (and thanks to the twits in topeka, we are one

of them).


please, if you want to go off on O....., or some of the other wild tangets  I've read here, go somewhere else, this thread is

started to help give people ideas of what to do, and options available....


yes, i consider this is "business" is very important to any particular to agriculture, since we

are independent business people.


you also might start to look at the "medical share"....programs.


more later